Cyber Services

Cyber Services

Corporations—especially larger ones with numerous employees spread over diverse geographical regions—often rely extensively on digital networks connecting everyone together. Consequently, this modern convenience comes at a potentially hefty cost: vulnerable networks and threat exposure on a global scale, as well as the ever-present risk of modernized industrial espionage.

As soon as infiltrators have gained access to the kind of centralized network that many corporations use to connect their employees and assets, they can gather and steal critically important information that the corporation needs to keep secret. If leaked or used, this information can do great damage to the corporation’s bottom line and reputation.

According to IBM’s 2018 Cost of a Data Breach study, each individual record breached has an associated cost of $148 and the average incident in the United States led to a loss of $7.91 million. Partnering with a cyber services solutions team can be an efficient way to minimize the risk of bearing such losses and ensure your cybersecurity plan is effective. Once you know your data and privacy are protected, you can focus your attention on the more fundamental parts of running your business.

Incident Response

How you respond to a possible hacking incident not only impacts that particular situation but can also set the tone for similar scenarios in the future. In addition to mitigating the damage from a breach and preventing it from spreading and implicating other assets, an effective incident response plan also deters future attacks as well. As such, incident response is an integral aspect of our cyber security firm’s services:

•Traversed Cyber Analysts are available for 24/7 incident response to immediately halt ongoing attacks and restore your system back to its operational baseline.
•Rapid analysis and containment services to identify attackers and reduce exposure
•Our analysts are experts at disrupting the kill chain, identifying at-risk system components, files, and data affected, patching/repairing exposed vulnerabilities, and performing data recovery services to restore the system
•Flexibility to analyze standard Windows/Mac OS/Linux, workstations/laptops, servers, phones, and other devices, as well as ICS/SCADA system components.

Network Analysis

A cybersecurity plan is only as good as the data it utilizes. If no data is collected about where users, clients, or employees go on a network, it can be far more difficult to detect nefarious actors accessing or hacking into parts of the system where they have no authorization to be.

As part of the cybersecurity process, network forensics involves monitoring where people go on a network, what they do, and how they interact with each other and the digital infrastructure. By collecting this information, companies can be better- equipped to detect suspicious behavior, recognize potential threats, and take action to prevent or mitigate a breach or hack from accessing protected information or other assets.

Our services include:

•In-depth insight into what type of traffic-data/network-packets is flowing through your network.
•Analyzing network traffic to ensure compliance with network security requirements.
•Provide cyber resilience through proactive threat discovery and implementation of protection strategies.

Virus/Malware Analysis and Removal

Protecting your business and assets is no longer a strictly physical endeavor. Some of the worst attacks in modern times happen entirely online and with digital weapons (think STUXNET and the like).

From initial threat assessment to full reverse engineering of malicious binaries, we have the tools and expertise necessary to handle any situation and restore normal operations quickly and efficiently.  Using the knowledge gained from the analysis performed, we can develop techniques for virus/malware removal and implement protective countermeasures to protect system and networks, increasing your security posture.  Malware analysis can provide all these benefits and more. Our team could provide simple, easy-to-understand assistance with identifying malware and limiting its effect upon you and your organization.

Through static analysis, dynamic analysis, and partial or full reverse engineering we can determine:

•The intentions of the malicious code, expose its source, and determine what information/data was exposed.
•How the infection started and the full scope of contamination.

Classified Data Breach Remediation

Corporate cybersecurity is a mission-critical investment, particularly if your company handles classified information or confidential trade secrets. If your business has competition, you can count on the fact that someone out there is interested in obtaining your company’s closely-held information.  Even with the best preparation, data breaches can still happen—and still have devastating effects when they do.

In light of this, being able to react swiftly and effectively to breaches is just as important as being ready to prevent one ahead of time.  We can provide rapid response to contain, analyze, and scrub sensitive data breaches across multiple platforms. We have qualified and cleared cyber experts, TS/SCI-level workspace, and a suite of the latest cyber forensics tools to provide quick response capabilities and minimize exposure.

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