Traversed specializes in digital forensics, incident response, and the preservation, analysis, and production of electronic data in matters involving civil litigation, regulatory matters, and corporate investigations. Traversed provides objective and comprehensive answers based upon expert analysis of electronic data while addressing challenges with simple solutions using the latest acquisition, search and forensic technologies.

Traversed Services

  • Digital Forensics

    A wide array of digital forensic services performed by master and senior level experts who can preserve, analyze, and testify to the  events behind the data.  Our team is formally trained and certified in computer, cell phone and mobile forensics, and advanced  specialties such as vehicle infotainment and telematics, cloud system and Drone UAV ( unmanned aerial vehicle ) forensics.

  • Incident Response

    Comprehensive investigative services that answer the who, what, when, where and why of your incident. Rapid containment and analysis of attacks, 24/7 services in case of emergency, supporting Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and ICS/SCADA systems.

  • Cyber and Forensic Training

    Hands-on training that teaches the theory, process, and problem-solving skills needed to effectively perform cyber forensics from an analyst perspective. Multiple courses in Cyber Forensics, Forensic Tools, and Security Awareness for Business taught by instructors with years of training and mission experience.

  • eDiscovery/Legal Holds

    Customized solutions that address ESI and eDiscovery related unique challenges our client base of lawyers and businesses face each day.  ESI Preservation Letters, Inspection Orders, Protocol Agreements, Spoliation concerns, Cloud Based Review, and Production Platform, our team of experts can assist through every step of the eDiscovery process.

  • Virus/Malware Analysis & Removal

    From initial threat assessment to full reverse engineering of malicious binaries and data recovery, we have the tools and expertise necessary to handle any situation and restore normal operations quickly and efficiently.

  • Data Recovery

    When storage devices fail or data is corrupted by other means contact us to recover your critical information.  We data recovery service across all storage mediums for lost or deleted data.  Repair of magnetic of solid state media.