Digital Forensics

Digital Forensics

Much like human DNA, forensic science also comprises of a digital evidence component known as digital forensics.  Our vetted and seasoned digital forensic investigators can identify, preserve, extract and attest to digital criminal or civil activity in any case when called upon.   Our breadth of specialties cover computer, mobile, drone, network and eDiscovery disciplines.

Issues in criminal, civil, regulatory and internal investigative matters are increasingly being resolved through digital forensics. Traversed’s industry-leading strength is the ability to translate its customer needs into tailored forensic analyses to answer queries like:

  • Was an email or an electronic document viewed, modified, tampered with, backdated, sent or received?  If so, when?
  • Was intellectual property improperly accessed and stolen?
  • Did a person attempt to obstruct an inquiry by deleting material and, if so when and how was the obstruction accomplished?
  • How long has a network been compromised, and what data did the hackers extract?

Answering these questions requires highly trained experts to help preserve the integrity and admissibility of data required in any legal or sensitive case situation.  Our certified investigators are competent at testifying to their work to any digital situation.

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