Apple Digital Forensic Experience Paves Way for Partnership

Here at Traversed, we are excited about our new partnership with BlackBag Technologies.  This new collaboration will enable both companies to address the growing challenges faced by digital forensic examiners in our ever-changing, technology-focused world.  We are confident that BlackBag Technologies’s innovative forensic acquisition and analysis tools, for Windows and Mac based computers, as well as iOS and Android mobile devices, will complement the work we do here at Traversed with digital forensics in the preservation, analysis and production of electronic data.


For over a decade, Traversed’s digital forensic experts have been utilizing BlackBag’s suite of tools and performing Apple Macintosh-based forensics.  While Apple forensics poses a number of unique challenges, Traversed is well equipped and able to provide the same level of expertise BlackBag has historically provided commercial customers.  Our experts have worked directly with BlackBag on cases involving encrypted devices, iCloud backups, as well as investigations that go beyond Apple forensics, working on both Windows and Android devices, to collect critical evidence in a forensically sound manner. Our eDiscovery and forensic investigations have aided in cases such as: intellectual property theft, corporate investigations, business disputes, family law matters, and spoliation of ESI. Our work has played a key role in not only uncovering digital truths, but directly impacting settlement agreements, loss valuations and monetary judgements.


Fostering this long relationship with BlackBag Technologies enables us to address hurdles in today’s technology including APFS, FileVault2 and the T2 chip encryption technologies.  Our years of experience and expertise in digital forensics coupled with BlackBag’s suite of tools will allow us to provide clients the best possible solutions to often complex matters.


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